At Radcliffe, we rigorously screen a variety of award-winning picture books from all over the world, and carefully select the picture books that are suitable for children in different age groups based on their different stages of development. Bilingual teaching method is then used to guide the children to explore the world inside the picture books. 

The picture books’ unique format in combining words and pictures together is in line with children’s thought and language formation. Eloquently written and translated, with beautiful hand-painted pictures by well-known illustrators from both China and abroad, the picture books stimulate children's reading interest and cultivate beneficial early reading habits.

Our teachers adopt a scientific approach to create a conducive environment for children to read and understand, as well as to develop their imagination and creativity. In this environment, children will feel comfortable to exercise their oral expression skills, resulting in enriched vocabulary and enhanced self-confidence. Our bilingual environment also helps to develop the children’s multilingualism and language sense.

The selected picture books also contain thought-provoking messages, which are clearly relayed to children through various lively learning activities that are designed by our trained teachers. As a result, children will develop a robust moral character, grow good habits, and build a strong mind.

For the children, the picture books also act as a window to the world, and a bridge for them to learn about different nationalities, cultures and customs of the world. The beautiful arts and eloquent words in our selected picture books will appeal to the children, enhancing their taste of art and cultivating their aesthetic and artistic appreciation.

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